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The Velvet Sirens present a beautiful, funny, and storied mix of popular standards and original music that envelopes the audience in joy...”

— Genie Braithwaite, Pastoral Counselor and House Concert Patron

Bring this exciting, informative, and dynamic show to your home and community! Click on the short video below to learn more about "The House Concert Cabaret Series" It's easy to become a House Concert Cabaret Host!

Watch The Velvet Sirens House Concert Cabaret Series Information Video below ↓↓

You can be part of the grassroots House Concert movement that is gaining popularity around the world!

House Concert Cabarets are private "listening events" where a host opens their home as a performance space...

House Concert Cabarets are wonderful, casual events set up in the comfort of a private space with invited guests and a one-on-one intimate and live musical performance with The Velvet Sirens...

House Concert Cabarets are hosted by people like you who have the desire to bring unique independent music to a gathering of friends, neighbors, co-workers and family so they can experience a special listening event of Story and Song...